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            Cross - border shipping services for B2C & B2B

            Over 200 companies trust us, including:

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            We offer various services supporting international online sales (cross-border). Our offer includes everything you need to start safe and effective foreign expansion.

            International shipments

            Logistics of foreign shipments is our passion. We select the best local courier solutions in individual countries, including Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and others.

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            eBay and Amazon returns

            We run our own warehouses with return addresses in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. Your customers can send their returns back at their own expense or to you using a cheaper, local returns label.

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            Germany Express

            for companies from Poznań, Wrocław and Legnica, we have launched a dedicated express line to Germany. Thanks to it, you can pack parcels even up to 1:00 p.m. and 4 hours later, they will be scanned in the German courier network and delivered the next day.

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            Fulfillment and Warehousing

            Storing even just part of the goods in our warehouses will give you an advantage over the competition. Thanks to the location of our warehouses on the Polish-German-Czech border, your orders can be processed and shipped on the same day in each of the three countries. What's more, our warehouses will process your orders even until 4 p.m

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            Cross-border e-commerce consulting

            Registration for packaging in Germany, eBay and Amazon sales regulations, electronic waste, Abmanhnung risk are just a few of the most important issues related to foreign sales. We will prepare your company to enter European markets

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              Courier services for companies – Eurohermes

              Our company is a small but close-knit team. We stand in opposition to automated hotlines and impersonal consultants who distance the relationship between the service provider and the service recipient. The uniqueness of our courier services lies in the fact that we treat all customers like family, maintaining a direct relationship with them. Our consultants are always on call, ready to answer any questions and provide assistance.

              We know our services, systems and market realities perfectly, so we can adapt to the individual needs of our clients. It is this close and personal interaction that allows us to understand and meet the expectations of our customers in the way that is best for them. Thanks to this, as a “family” company, we achieve greater satisfaction from our work and we proudly provide services at the highest level.

              Over 12 years of experience in the courier services industry

              We are one of the first companies in Poland to adopt this innovative operating model. 12 years of valuable experience on the market allows us to establish fruitful cooperation with clients. Our company, offering international courier services, processes millions of parcels a year, which is proof of our reliability and effectiveness.

              Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to meet the most demanding logistics challenges. Our team perfectly understands the specifics of the industry and is able to provide clients with comprehensive solutions in the field of courier services that contribute to the development of their businesses. We help not only on the Polish market, but also support clients in expanding to international markets, enabling them to achieve success on a global scale.

              Perfect location for transhipment warehouses

              The strategic location is one of Eurohermes’ greatest advantages. The main transhipment warehouses are located in Zgorzelec and Görlitz, at the junction of the borders of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. This unique location gives us a unique advantage over the competition.

              The efficiency of our main warehouses enables efficient handling of large numbers of shipments, which translates into customer satisfaction. Thanks to this, as a logistics company, we are able to meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers, providing them with international courier services at the highest level.

              An innovative solution in the courier services industry

              The Express service is our answer to the needs of modern e-commerce, where delivery time and quality of customer service are key factors. Thanks to this solution, our clients can compete with foreign companies, offering their customers instant deliveries as if their warehouse was located in Germany.

              The high effectiveness of our proprietary service translates into customer satisfaction and building long-term business relationships. We are proud that our logistics company can contribute to the development and success of our customers. We strive to constantly improve our services and develop new solutions to provide our clients with the best support in running their e-businesses.


              Fulfillment – gain an advantage over the competition

              Thanks to this innovative solution, we enable equally fast shipments by delivering products directly from our warehouse located at the border. Shipments from the Eurohermes warehouse are carried out quickly, which allows products to quickly reach customers in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

              The high quality of service and reliability of our e-commerce fulfillment services guarantee that products will be delivered to customers on time, which contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty to our customers.

              Easy integration

              Our company can boast of many integrations with the most popular sales management platforms in Poland, such as: Baselinker, IdoSell, Apilo,, Way2send and ProstaPaczka2. In addition, we have our own API with publicly available documentation, which allows for even greater flexibility and freedom in adapting our courier services to individual customer needs.


              Thanks to a unique combination of experience, strategic location and advanced integrations, we ensure quick and effective shipments abroad. By choosing our company, you receive not only proven and innovative logistics solutions, but also a partnership based on trust and effective cooperation. Thank you for your trust and we invite you to use our international courier services!

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