Parcel delivery to Belgium

Przesyłki do Belgii paczki do Holandii

Professional shipments to Belgium: local couriers and logistics services

Local courier solutions in Belgium For efficient parcel delivery to Belgium, we recommend using the services of local couriers such as Bpost or DPD Belgium. Choosing these providers enables quick and direct delivery of shipments to the desired location or to one of the many pick-up points in the country.

Competitiveness in the Belgian market

The Belgian market is demanding, and the key to success is not only an attractive price but also high-quality service and rapid delivery. By utilizing local couriers like Bpost, you can adapt to local preferences and provide services at the highest level.

Efficient shipments to Belgium with Eurohermes Eurohermes offers a wide range of courier services in Belgium, collaborating with renowned courier companies such as Bpost and DPD Belgium. Secure home delivery or convenient pick-up at one of the many pick-up points nationwide are just a few of the numerous benefits of using our services.

Return handling in Belgium

We provide local return addresses and special return services, facilitating the returns and exchange process for customers. We also offer handling of consumer returns from Belgium using local couriers like Bpost, speeding up the process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Warehousing and fulfillment services in Belgium

To shorten delivery times to Belgium, consider the option of warehousing and fulfillment services from Eurohermes. Our services allow for more efficient inventory and delivery management, contributing to increased competitiveness in the Belgian market.

Shipments to Belgium are transported within 24-48 hours from our warehouse in Zgorzelec.

Parcels to Belgium

The Belgian e-commerce market is open to you. See how we can help your company!


Distance is just a number! By using the services of a local courier, you provide customers with lightning-fast delivery on familiar terms.

Return address in Belgium

Everything under control. The moment your return reaches our address, you will receive a notification. From that point on, you can track its progress every step of the way until it reaches the ramp of your warehouse.

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