Cross-border e-commerce consulting

doradztwo cross border dla e-commerce

Since 2011, we have been operating in the cross-border market and are aware that successful sales abroad require careful planning, as well as the execution of a variety of administrative tasks. Some of these tasks are legally mandated in the target country, while others are essential for practical and operational reasons.

These steps form the essential foundation of our international market entry strategy, and their meticulous implementation is crucial for our business growth and successful competitiveness. With nine years of experience, we are experts in this field and are happy to share our knowledge with our valued clients.

Each of these platforms has its own specifics. eBay, Amazon, cDiscount, Etsy, Rakuten, and Real require individual preparation both at the technical level (listings, SEO) and at the operational level.

Service packages


1400 1000


  • VAT registration in Germany
  • Information on VAT obligations (local sales, distance selling, Amazon PAN-European).
  • Consultation on choosing a legal form and a logistics model for cross-border sales (transfer pricing issues, chain transactions)


1700 PLN


  • Regulations for selling on eBay and Amazon
  • VAT registration in Germany
  • Assistance with registration for packaging in Germany
  • nformation on VAT obligations (local sales, distance selling, Amazon PAN-European)
  • Unterstützung bei der Kontoeröffnung bei einer deutschen Bank
  • 12 months of premium access to the education platform


2900 PLN


  • Basic and starter packages
  • Help configuring Baselinker
  • Setting up, configuring, and lifting limits for a PayPal account with a German billing address (lower fees and avoidance of currency conversion)
  • Setting up, configuring, and lifting limits for a PayPal account with a German billing address (lower fees and avoidance of currency conversion)
  • Create and configure an eBay or Amazon account

Marketplace training

eBay / Amazon

partnership offer

  • eBay and Amazon Basics
  • Fulfilled by Amazon/FBM/Prime Seller Fulfilled by eBay Plus
  • Listings and product cards
  • Customer service and dispute resolution
  • Security policies and risk assessment
  • SEO, positioning and advertising campaigns
  • A tool for analysis and sales management on eBay/Amazon


Inne usługi

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VAT registration

We are registering for VAT accounting in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Spain - these are the largest foreign e-commerce markets in Europe.

Company or branch in Germany

We will advise you on which legal form or organizational structure in Germany is best suited for your market entry strategy.

Utilize the knowledge of dozens of experts and watch over 300 minutes of presentations on the topic of international sales. You will gain insights from various fields of expertise.

PayPal is 4% cheaper

By establishing a branch in Germany, you can save up to 4% by avoiding currency conversion costs for payments received through PayPal.

VerpackG and the central packaging register LUCID

Since 2019, there has been an obligation to have a licensing agreement with a dual system for collection and recycling in Germany, which includes the payment of packaging costs and registration with the Central Packaging Registry.

Baselinker configuration

We will assist you in configuring the most popular multichannel sales management tool in Poland.

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