Returns from Germany

zwroty konsumenckie z niemiec

Comprehensive consumer return service from Germany

Do you want your company to operate on an international scale? We are here to help you. Handling returns from Germany is the key to bridging distances and increasing the competitiveness of your store in the European market. We prioritize efficiency, speed, and cost savings, delivering a solution that goes beyond the standards of courier companies.

Understanding customer expectations in the European market is a fundamental principle in building loyalty and increasing sales. One of the key factors influencing purchasing decisions is the return policy. Customers expect simple, convenient, and hassle-free return procedures, which is particularly important in the case of cross-border e-commerce. Consumer returns from Germany handled by Eurohermes will provide you with an easy and fast way to return products, allowing you to gain favor with customers and build greater trust in your brand. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your store to others, which is valuable capital in the competitive European market.

Efficient, professional approach to consumer returns from Germany

How does our return service from Germany work? Your customer will receive a printable label. With it, they can initiate the return process for free at a post office in Germany or with the assistance of a courier. When the shipment reaches our local return address, we initiate the consolidation process in the Eurohermes warehouse. In our warehouse, the shipment is combined with other returns destined for your store’s address. This is an efficient approach to returns from Germany – you can count on simultaneous processing and delivery of returns to your address.

How quickly will returns from Germany reach your store?

The service covering the handling of return shipments from across the Oder is a guarantee of efficient operation. Consumer returns from Germany will reach your warehouse in Poland within 24 to 48 hours, regardless of the quantity of returns. Thanks to us, returns become lightning-fast and do not pose a burden to your business. The quick return procedure allows for the rapid reintroduction of products into the market or their exchange, which is crucial for maintaining the operational fluidity of the store – a key factor in staying competitive in the demanding international market. Our return shipment service from Germany is designed to meet this need.

Save money with Eurohermes

Our service allows savings of up to 80% compared to traditional courier companies. We understand that every cent matters in the business world. Therefore, our solution is designed to combine efficiency with financial benefits, resulting in real savings that enable maintaining competitive product prices and attracting customers. The saved time and resources allow you to focus on the development of other business areas. You can concentrate on your marketing strategy, improving your offerings, or customer service without worrying about international returns. Handling returns from Germany allows you to deploy resources more strategically, rather than wasting them on routine processes.

Build image and loyalty – use the return service from Germany

Building lasting customer loyalty requires an above-average commitment to their care. By utilizing Eurohermes services, you create a unique experience for your customers. The professional handling of returns from Germany serves as a safety net, allowing customers to return products seamlessly if they are dissatisfied. This, in turn, enables customers to explore your offerings with greater confidence, knowing that they will not be left alone in case of issues.

Offer your customers a smooth returns process

A simple and fast return process is a clear signal to customers that their satisfaction is important to you. Positive experiences and a high service standard are crucial for building long-term relationships. Convenient return options from Germany (including through eBay and Amazon) along with quick processing are exactly that additional value that stays in the customer's memory and influences the perception of your brand.

Other services

We offer comprehensive services to support international online sales (cross-border). In our offering, you will find everything you need to start a safe and effective expansion abroad.

Consulting cross-border e-commerce

Registration for packaging in Germany, sales terms on eBay and Amazon, electronic waste, the risk of warnings – these are just a few of the key issues related to cross-border selling. We prepare your company for entry into European markets.

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Express shipping to Germany

For companies from Poznań, Wrocław, and Legnica, we have established a dedicated express line to Germany. Thanks to this, you can pack parcels until 1:00 PM, and four hours later, they will be scanned in the German courier network and delivered the next day.

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The professional development of international sales through the eBay and Amazon marketplaces currently requires prior registration for foreign Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as the submission of electronic declarations. In collaboration with local accounting offices, we register for VAT and handle communication related to declarations.

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International shipments

Shipping international parcels is our passion. We select the best local courier solutions in various countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, and others

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Company in Germany

We establish companies in Germany with tax residence in any legal form (at least trade, UG, KG, GmbH) as well as branches and subsidiaries for marketing purposes. We advise you on choosing the solution that best fits your strategy for entering the German market.

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